Marianne Connor from Hollywood at MA in Screenwriting

Marianne Connor has been teaching script writing for MA in Screenwriting students last week, and will do so over the next week. She will also advise students of the previous MA in Screenwriting course who are now writing their final script.

Marianne is screenwriter/producer/teacher from Los Angeles. Her teaching experience is from TAMK University of Applied Sciences, Salford University and three Universities in Philadelphia. Marianne has produced a number of films, two of them awarded; The Ghosts of Edendale, a feature-length supernatural thriller, and Time 'til Light (also Writer/Director/editor), a short film about a woman’s choice to deny her sense of self in exchange for a man’s desire.

Marianne has also been screenwriter in a number of films, now she has series in development with HBO.

During these dark and stormy late October days here many people would stay rather in Los Angeles than in Tampere. But Marianne came here for the second time. She says she enjoys working with the MA in Screenwriting students, they are very committed and open, wanting to apply the tools for screenwriting she presents during her lessons.
Marianne Connor at Internet Movie Database

Photo: Marianne Connor at the roof garden of TAMK School of Art and Media
Photographer: Cai Melakoski