Game project with Okayama University continues

Story: Elle Yli-Ojanperä

For the third year running, students from TAMK School of Art and Media and Okayama University are continuing their cooperation on a game project that started in autumn in 2006. The goal is to create concepts and prototypes for educational training tools used by the chemical industry in Japan. Game elements and interaction are an essential part of the work, as both teams have acknowledged the potential in games as an educational method.

The students in Okayama University specialise in systems engineering, so their knowledge and understanding of engineering and the chemical industry in Japan combined with our experience in games, design and edutainment is what makes this collaboration fruitful.

Until recently, the TAMK team working on this project had remained the same for two years. As of now, however, a group of second and third year media students will be continuing the project. Teemu Haila, a student of interaction design will replace me as the new project manager. Also, some students from the Teiskontie Campus will be joining the team.

In May this year our team travelled to Japan and met the students in Okayama University for the third time during the collaboration. The workshop held then turned out to be a success, and both parties were very much inspired by the work done here in Finland as well as in Japan. This gives the new team a very good starting point for their project. Banzai!

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