Score in Norway

Story: Juho Hartikainen

Score Game Development Club's president Juho Hartikainen, club co-founder Teemu Haila and club member Heikki Leppänen recently made a three-day excursion to Norway. The trip was due to contacts made in the spring at Nordic Game 2008.

The club visited Hedmark University College's two campuses located at Rena and Hamar, and gave presentations about their club activity to the students, school staff and game industry employees. The trip went smoothly - the international office of TAMK University of Applied Sciences provided the necessary travel funding in co-operation with the Media Programme, as Hedmark University College took care of lodging, food and general trip activity.

As you can see from the picture, the students were strongly impressed by Score, and we hope that the visit will inspire them to found their own student initiative in the near future. :)

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