Young Artists 2009 Exhibition Recognises TAMK Talents

Young Artists 2009
December 5 - January 6
Kunsthalle Helsinki Nervanderinkatu 3

The Young Artists exhibition is a regular event that has acquired a legendary status in Finland. The first show was held in 1939 in the Kunsthalle, 70 years ago. Young people have always caused a stir, and the work of young artists has presaged future trends.

Chaired by the artist photographer Stefan Bremer, this year's jury appraised 465 submissions comprising 1,246 artworks. The final selection consists of 70 works by 62 artists, all under 35.

Out of the 62 artists 13 study at or have graduated from TAMK School of Art and Media:

Pii Anttila, Liisa Hietanen, Riikka Kuoppala, Satu Leppänen & Mikko Tapio, Hannamari Matikainen & Krister Gråhn, Liina Mäki-Patola, Sanni Rajapolvi, Pinja Sormunen, Jarno Vesala, Noora Westerberg and Timo Wright.

Young Artists 2009

Photo: Sanni Rajapolvi: Kokonainen aka Whole 2 min 50 sek, 16mm film, 16:9 high definition