Ikuinen Galleria Presents: "The Opening" performance by Virpi Viljamaa

December 7-11
4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Virpi Viljamaa: The Opening (performance)

Ikuinen Gallery

Finlaysoninkuja 3,
Tampere, Finland

The invitation:

What is art and it's value? Or is art disappearing? And what is the part of an artist in making art? These are the questions asked in the performance "The opening".

What is the meaning of art?

We humans live in good conditions, we eat, buy and get entertained. Somebody collects the money somewhere, we transform into machines that consume.

What does art speak of? Of longing, pain, questions, answers, of the battle of existence - and one can also think that it is this battle - but, it reaches somewhere higher, it's speaking with the deep voice of the world, it is a crystallization, another level. It is a dream, a collective dream, it is our meaning, it creates and births us.

Everything had become only a game. I didn't know anymore who I was. There was a price for me too - the higher the price, the better I was? One million euros sounds good.

I have sometimes time just to lie still and dream. In my mind, or in your mind, I lie now in snow at winter, looking into the empty universe, and on the beach in the spring time listening to the sound of an infinite sea. What is futile, and what is not? I am not sure, and I don't answer.

Welcome to the performance "The Opening" at 16-17 o'clock (N.B. the exceptional time) from Monday till Friday 7.-11.12!

Ikuinen gallery is a contemporary art project space located in the old factory complex Finlayson in central Tampere. The gallery is run by a board of fine art students in Tampere UAS School of Art and Media as part of their study program.

Ikuinen gallery’s main focus is in presenting interesting and high quality student work, whereas work from other art school students and teachers as well as visiting artists are regularly also at show.