Interesting Innovation Conglomerate Building at Tampere

Story: Jukka Siltanen
The Hub is an initiative to build a network of places around the world where entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers can meet and work together to tackle the world's most pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges. A place is needed to inspire and support imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a radically better world.

In the historical Finlayson district at the heart of Tampere a unique innovation environment is being born. Purpose of this innovation environment is to create social innovations by connecting companies needs and ideas with extraordinary student and professional talents across disciplines. Finlayson also hosts TAMK School Art and Media and Proacademy, a unit for entrepreneurship students bringing diversity and business thinking into the mix.

We saw that The Hub would be a perfect match for this environment. It would build sustainability and social entrepreneurship into the innovation initiatives and new enterprises, it could act as an interface between the parties and facilitate ambitious people and start-ups to work together.

Hub Tampere is currently being established by TAMK Proacademy in cooperation with Hermia and the Creative Tampere programme. Our goal is to open Hub Tampere in spring 2010.

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Photo: The planned home of the Hub at Finlayson