IMPs Nightmare Before Christmas Party

Story by Anna Tikkanen
Last Friday the IMPs gathered at one of the student's apartment to spend together a great "Nightmare Before Christmas" party. The offerings were great; delicious Greek food and home-made sweets along some of their traditional drink, Ouzo. Even though — on behalf of the food — the party was very Greek, we did not forget the typical Finnish mulled wine consumed during the Christmas time. Glögi was enjoyed as a delicate treat after the filling dinner.

The western holiday tradition "Secret Santa" was also introduced to many, as we were randomly assigned to buy gifts for each other. Even though the whole idea of the tradition is to give the gifts anonymously, everyone was too thrilled to keep the secrets to themselves. I, myself, received a big bar of Fazer Blue chocolate and the seeds of red salad and Easter grass. For most women chocolate works like magic, but I personally know that the seeds of the red salad was a mischief, as I can't stand lettuce. However, I think the intention was sweet as the gift was most likely meant to teach me. Maybe I'll plant the seeds next Spring and see if I'd finally learn :)

Since we're an international programme, we have many people from abroad studying with us who have never experienced pikkujoulut (= Christmas party) or glögi (not to mention Greek food and ouzo). Hence this must've been a wonderful and unforgettable experience for them.

IMPs are students of the Degree Programme in Media of TAMK School of Art and Media (Interactive/International Media Programme)
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