Climax of the Autumn Semester: TTVO Festival

TTVO Festival 2009
Thu 17.12. 9:30 p.m.
Jack the Rooster

Experience the last and the best party of the year! The traditional School of Art and Media festival and the best school bands and performers are at Jack the Rooster for you Thursday night.

Admission 3 € (includes wardrobe fee)


STAND-UP: Fredi Lilius

"Streak and the Raven introduces a musical scenery tinged with both profound, film music inspired moods, as well as catchy pop tunes. The songs are based on a uniting story, which at times brings alive the legendary wild west and at times revisits the black-and-white towns of the early 20th century. The cinematic and episode-like narration lays a foundation for the band's individual compositions which combine styles such as drama, western and horror in an original way."

Finnish rock, four of five band members are from deep north.

Turku arcipelago rock.

"Sasja, Sami, Juuso and Arttu stept to their batcave (in Hallila, Tampere) in fall 2006 and started to create their own luscious rock songs. After drunken nights and heart breaks they decided to form a real band. It took some kind of combination of each others affections.

Finally, Idiomatic was born end of May 2007 when they played their first gig! Six months (and bunch of other gigs) later they figured that one piece was still missing. So happily their good friend Joonathan came along bringing some low frequencies and muscles to the group.

And now , in the year 2009 Idiomatic do well and get all the love it needs."
DJ: Pretty in Pop / mikkomikko ja Farttu

VJ: Satu&Joonas