"A Group" is born...

As we're are now officially over with the first period of our semester, the students of 09's Media Degree Program are naturally eager to get busy with their new and improved skills as well as to gain more. So what do a bunch of aspiring designers do to get networked, create and develop their skills? "A Group" would be the answer.

"A Group" (we let our works, not our name, speak for our skills) is a newly founded group for people interested in visual design. The goal is to exchange knowledge and ideas with each other, develop our own personal skills through projects and tasks and of course network and expand our horizons. Although these will be done in the school environment for now, work on professional context in the future is also a goal.

The group does not demand a certain level of expertise. Anyone who wants to design anything from a logo to a magazine and would like the support and feedback a group of kindred spirits can offer them is welcome. The group's location is Seelanti on the 5th floor of TTVO and although still in its infancy, there has been a lot of interest by many new and older students.

The current task is to create a visual work about our name "A Group" and it can be of any form, including video or animated.