Tampere Art Factory 09 Online - Part Three

Our annual festival - Tampere Art Factory (TAF) - was in May, but much of the student works seen there are still visible online. In this part of the story we present the games and music videos and the contribution of the Dutch Academy of Popculture.

In the first part on July 29 films were presented, the second part August 4 presented fine art and animations.

Music videos

Of the music videos with lyrics in English shown at the TAF Lounge you can find online

Widescreenmode: SerotoninDirector Markus Aaltonen

I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper: Boys Are PigsDirector: Juha Kuoppala

Sole Convert: Desired Sadness AwaitsDirector: Jussi Lindgren


Our Game Development Club Score members presented Score and interactive media education in our school at Demola during TAF. The visitors could also play games developed by Score members.

Villa Penguila


Our first year students also presented their interactive projects at Demola, but they are all in Finnish.

Interactive VJ-show Nou & Herkauw

The days before TAF School of Art and Media had the International Week, with international workshops and seminars. Nou & Herkauw was the name of one of the workshops. It was lead by Adri Shokker from the Academy of Popculture, Netherlands. You can find a video presenting the result of the workshop, running at the opening reception of TAF. The video is made by the Academy of Popculture students who participated in the workshop.

Nou & Herkauw Workshop (Episode 3)

TAF promotion online

TAF 09 Photo Gallery
Kaisa Kukkonen and Sara Köteleki made the TAF Photo GalleryTAF 09 commercial

TAF 09 Spot byJaakko Kärnä (@Facebook)

Photo: Overboard at Demolassa.
Photographer: Kaisa Kukkonen/Sara Köteleki
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Part three: Music videos and games
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