Michael Just Back After 14 Years

Today we had a very special guest. The first ever exchange student we had in the School of Art and Media, Michael Just from FH Furtwangen in Germany paid a visit.

Michael (or Mike) made a tour in our premises. Back in 1995 when Mike did his exchange our school was in 5 different buildings in the Finlayson area. He admired our new (since 2000) site, but told he could identify the same creative atmosphere as years back. What he especially enjoyed during his stay was the unique freedom of students to realize their ideas.

After his exchange in Tampere Mike did another exchange at Salford university, graduated from Furtwangen and made a diploma in education in Freiburg. Now he works with electronics, multimedia and education.

Mike made a one week holiday trip to meet his friends in Finland. Thanks Mike for visiting us, too. We will always remeber our first exchange student: you made our school bigger, started a process which led to the very international school we are today!

Picturised: Mike Just at our roof garden