Demola New Year Begins

Demola is the joint innovation space for companies and the four universities in Tampere. You can find Demola close to TAMK School of Art and Media at Finlayson in the heart of Tampere.

Companies have more project ideas than time to test them. Companies give their ideas to Demola, where Demola student teams start to process them, and create a demo over a few months, an application, a service or something else.

Companies are not allowed to give any routine tasks like company web site design to Demola. The assignments are always about innovating something new. When the project is over, the students keep the intellectual property rights of the results, but the companies can claim rights to use it by paying to students.

Students benefit from working at Demola, because they can apply their know-how and skills in real world innovative projects, and they can earn money in addition to gaining university credits. Working in multi-disciplinary teams is very useful, and while one third of Demola students are exchange students or studying in an international degree programme, the students also learn to work in international teams.

Demola kick-off was one year ago, but it really started working in January. During the first year 30 projects were initialized, and ten of them have already come to an end, all claimed by companies. Most of the ongoing projects are finished within a couple of weeks.

There has been 157 student innovators, and ten of them have already been hired by the company partners. Additionally 20 students got a summer-job at Demola.

The second year is about to begin, and already 40 new projects are waiting.

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Photo: Professors and lecturers of the four universities met at Demola to discuss the further development of Demola. The students teams presented their projects