The Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award deadline August 30

The Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award (SL:MIMA) invites young talented filmmakers to participate with a movie in one of the three categories: ’Computer-Animation’, ‘Digital Film’ and ‘Interactive Movie’. Modern piano music by international artists serves as the basis for the competition.

The participants download a piece of music composed by one of the supportive pianists and visualise it with an animated story, a digital film or an interactive movie.

The entries will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of jury members consisting of international experts within the fields of film and animation. The most impressive works will be awarded at the gala on October 20th, 2009 in Mittweida, Germany.

TAMK School of Art and Media is member of the SL:MIMA network, which has members in Slovakia, the UK, Hungary and South Africa. The main organiser is Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

The group members of the experts supporting SL:MIMA are from Slovakia, USA, the UK, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Finland. One of the experts is Senior Lecturer Pertti Näränen from TAMK School of Art and Media.

Our school has been quite successful in this global contest:

In 2006 Risto-Pekka Blom won the Digital Film category with "Storm", music composed by Rebecca Kragnes.
Teemu Kutvonen got second prize with his animaation "One Donation, Three Lives", music by Guardner.
Helinä Hukkataival was nominated in the Digital Film category with "Silva", visualising Rauschfaktor's music.

In 2007 "Vahveraasio" was awarded with second prize in the animaation category and "Ystävyys" (Friendship) won third prize in digital film. The members of the Vahveraasio team were Juho Kepanen, Tuomas Kauppinen, Nina Riutta and Johanna Havimäki, music was composed by Blankenburg. Friendship was made by Raman Hussain to music by Rob Coslown.

Last year Vesa Jokinen and Hanne Zenjuga won second prize with their animation "It Dwells in the Depths", composition by Kathryn Toyama.

Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award
It Dwells in the Depths

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Photo from "It Dwells in the Depths"