Tampere Art Factory 09 Online - Part Two

Our annual festival - Tampere Art Factory (TAF) - was in May, but much of the student works seen there are still visible online. In this posting we present the fine art's students works and animations that were shown at TAF, which can be understood without knowledge of Finnish language.

In the first part of this story on July 29 films were presented, and in the third part music videos and games will be presented.

Diskurssidisko (Discourse Disco)

The graduation show of Fine Art students was presented at Art Centre Mältinranta and at Exhibition Centre TR1. The website of the exhibitions is only in Finnish, but some parts of it is online without language problems for audience not understanding Finnish:

Johanna Havimäki has published a collection of photos from the Mältinranta part

Henna Inkinen
 has published her graduation work, Adaption at her website. You can also find other experimental videos there.

The graduation work Adaption by Sanni RajapolviHera, has a website with the trailer of this experimental piece of video art.

The Mältinranta Art Centre has published a representative collection of pictures.
More Video by art students online

Timo Bredenberg's Video Installation Nights was exhibited at Tampere Railway Station.

The Video Performace Burn-In by Mikko Rantanen and Päivi Viinikainen was screened along with the films of media students, likewise the Experimental Video Suicidal Tendensies by Henna Inkinen.


Of the animations showed at the TAF Lounge, you can find three online:

Fish LieThe surreal story follows a journey of a fish from ocean to ground.
Animation by Karoliina Paappa.
Music by Mikko Rantanen.

It Dwells in the Depths
In the depths of the seas lies a treasure...and a curse. This animation was awarded with 2nd prize at the Swan Lake Moving Image & Music Award 2008.Animation: Hanne Zenjuga and Vesa Jokinen
Music: Kathryn Toyama

The Sink
The drunk Erkki comes home but won't find his keys, so he tries to get in another way which leads to a fatal consequence.Team: Tuuli Juntunen, Kiira Kalliomäki, Tuomas Korolainen, Kaisa Kukkonen and Veera Niemi
Picture from Nights
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