Guerilla Lighting Comes to Tampere

17.9.2009 at 20:00 Frenckell

Story by Annukka Larsen

A Guerrilla Lighting event will be organized for the first time in Tampere this autumn. This urban method from England uses concrete examples to raise discussion on exterior lighting. It is an event in which a group of citizens follows a predetermined plan to “invade” the streets with powerful torches. The starting point of the guerrilla march is from the main entrance of Frenckell office building on September 17th at 20:00.

The objective of Guerrilla Lighting event is to raise discussion on city lighting. Young lighting design students from TAMK School of Art and Media have selected four targets for illumination in Tampere and also made designs for each one. The illuminations are implemented as temporary and with large rechargeable torches.

The British consultancy firm BDP has carried out the project in Glasgow and London, among other places, and directed the first Guerrilla Lighting event in Finland last year. “Guerrilla Lighting gives a chance to be players in a live lighting design created by up and coming young Finnish lighting designers. It also creates a platform to talk about professional lighting design as the key to sustainable lighting design and participate in the war on bad lighting” says Martin Lupton, BDP Director of Lighting

The event proceeds so that first the previously enrolled people (about 50 persons) are instructed for the mission. Then the marchers start moving on with torches, colour filters and small LED lights and they light up the selected sites one by one. Once a signal is heard, the torches are switched on and for one moment the target is illuminated in an impressive manner. The illuminations are photographed and the images delivered to the media immediately after the event. Anyone interested is welcomed to join the march.

The organizers of the event wishes to make the citizens and media pay attention to the lighting of a city environment with the help of Guerrilla Lighting. At the same time the architectural masterpieces in the city are shown in a new light. The examples are there to remind that with quality lighting it is possible to reach a comfortable and secure city environment, and that the implementation can be at the same time impressive and energy-efficient. Guerrilla team also promotes architectural lighting design as a profession and an important field of urban planning.

Guerrilla Lighting Event is organized by lighting design students from TAMK School of Art and Media, headed by lighting designer BA Annukka Larsen. Event is organized in co-operation with Super Mukava design store and it is a part of a new DesignOnTampere –happening (11.-20.9.2009).

Tampere, September 17th, starting from the front of Frenckell office building on Central Square at 20:00. The walk around the sites takes about 1,5 hours. Information about the after party to follow.

If you wish to be one of the marchers to illuminate the sites, please, enrol to (latest on 16th September).

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