Tampere Art Factory 09 Online - Part One

Our annual festival - Tampere Art Factory (TAF) - was in May, but much of the student works seen there are still visible online. In this posting we present the films that were shown at TAF which can be understood without knowledge of Finnish language or with subtitles in English.

In our blog in Finnish we have published a story with presentations of all TAF films with websites and/or trailers online and/or the entire film online.
This blog will later publish stories about TAF fine art work, animations, music videos etc. online.

Up with attitude - Askel asenteella
The documentary follows the working process of bboy ÄTÄ and choreographer Reija Wäre.
Director: Jussi Autio
Trailer with english subs

Kun Liikun / When I Move
A film about moving and the fear of stopping.
Director: Ville Salminen
Co-produced with Obscure Entertainment

The Electrician
A Story of Marvin - an executioner in charge of the electric chair, who has to find a new way to use his unusual skill when he becomes unemployed.
Director: Miina Alajärvi
Co-production with Salford University
Website with trailer
More about the Electrician in this blog

An office-like movie setting works as a scene for performance.
Artists: Mikko Rantanen and Päivi Viinikainen
The performance online

Ennustus / Rain Must Fall
"When I was a child, I heard a story I wanted to hear over and over again. It was a fascinating story, because they said it was true." – Rain Must Fall will share that story with you.
Director: Niisku Haapala
Trailer with English subtitles

Rotsi / Fat Rat Jacket
Fat Rat Jacket tells a story of 17-year-old Raimo and his growth from a boy to a man.
Director: Hanna Hurri
Music video/trailer No Fool

Katusoittaja/The Busker
"If you try to get everything you want, you may lose whatever is available."
Director: Joonas Selin
The Busker online

Ihmisiä tiellä / Hit the Road
The drama takes place in an efficient, faceless school environment, where three members of the school staff are feeling uncomfortable in the brutal embrace of this uncommunity.
Director: Arttu Haglund
Homepage&trailer with English subs

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