Strong global support to stop termination of our Fine Arts Programme

Two weeks ago TAMK administration announced the shocking news: They plan to discontinue our Degree Programme in Fine Arts. The cynical attitude was highlighted by the fact that at the time of the announcement almost 100 international partners celebrated our International Week, the European Media Culture 2020 workshop and the opening of the international Art Exhibition

Not only signatures to support Art&Media:  A demonstration parade from
TAMK Finlayson campus to TAMK headquarters was arranged last week

Tampere university of applied sciences TAMK has to cut expenses due to heavy cuts in public funding. According to TAMK rector Markku Lahtinen the decision is to cut the degree programmes TAMK can live without. The Fine Arts programme will also be discontinued because it is not a good business. TAMK aims at giving the Media education a boost instead.

The opposition of the termination argues that the cooperation with the art programme is fundamental for the success of Media Programme. The Fine Arts programme is also the best known and recognised part of TAMK in Tampere, Finland and internationally. The Fine Arts Programme is also financially lucrative for TAMK: one of the criteria for public funding is the number of students graduating without exceeding normative time. Also in this aspect Fine Art is the best of the degree programmes, more than 90 % of fine art students graduate in four years.

The international partners and friends of TAMK have initiated a petition to support our art education:

To TAMK Board of Directors
Tampere School of Art and Media, founded in 1991 and part of Tampere University of Applied Sciences since 1996, has become one of the best known and respected art and media schools in Europe. It is an esteemed example of active international networking and cooperation, professional ambition and talent, and bravery to develop new curricula and learning environments to meet the challenges of the 21th century. It has been easy to follow the activities of the school due to the pioneering role it has in openness and sharing through its Art&Media blog and use of social media.

The Degree Programme of Fine Art is a vital part of the school. Therefore the news about TAMK plans to close the programme has been greeted with alarm. We, the signatory of this petition are utterly confused with this plan. We appeal to TAMK board to reconsider the decision. We can’t afford to lose this excellent partner and forerunner in art education.

The petition has been signed by 300 artists, directors, professors, designers, lecturers, researchers, students, company CEOs from 30+ countries on all continents representing TAMK partner universities and other academic institutions, art galleries, museums, international organisations, studios and companies of the creative industries.
You can find and sign the petition here
Reaction in our lobby right after announcement of the plan of termination:
Stand up and fight for Degree Programme in Fine Arts

For Finnish friends of TAMK there is a petition in Finnish. The petition, already signed by 2100+ promoters of TAMK Fine Art education, can be viewed and signed here.

By Cai Melakoski, principal lecturer at TAMK Degree Programme in Media