So.... what are Media students doing?

By Sabrina Seidl

If you have ever been wondering what IMP's are doing if they are not attending courses and how they actually expand their skills, than this is the right post for you.
I certainly can't speak for all of us IMP's, but I can, at least, give you an idea of what I have been doing within my three years of studies.
Like lots of us, I was attending courses for graphic, print and web design, UI, UX and Project Management, I attended Animation and Multimedia courses, improved my language skills in three languages, learnt about Design Management and Software Engineering, and also learn quite a lot about Video and Media Techniques as well as 3D and Motion Graphics.
The list of courses i attended, projects I participated and internships I completed is quite long and my interests were wide ranging, but I finally found my way.

But what is "my way"? Well, I'd say Motion Graphics in combination with Marketing Strategies and even some bits of 3D. Even though I am not able to present all of my works (due to confidentiallity agreements, lack of quality ;) or lack of space here ), I have prepared a small collection of videos for you.

Tell a Story - 2D animation for a clients company presentation in cooperation with Johanna Lievemaa, Camille Romano and Sanna Kuisma. Created in Adobe Flash.

TAMK logo animation in the course of our Animation Evening Workshop. Created in Adobe After Effects.

TAMK Media showreel - a collection of works from TAMK Media students which Alexandra Ostasheva and I produced for our representation of our studies during the FMX 2012 Conference in Stuttgart, Germany. Created in Adobe After Effects.

Infographics - an important topic, Recycling, put into motion by explaining with illustrations and typography.
Created in Adobe After Effects.

Christmas drinking - a 2D animation created during my studies at University of Salford.

3D Manchester city - a task during my exchange studies at University of Salford.
Created in Autodesk 3ds Max.

Video Promotion - my final thesis project for the new advertisement video for Atomi Advertising.
Created in Adobe After Effects.

As said before, this is just a small collection of what I did within the past three years in the area of motion graphics. There is lots more, also in other areas, but motion graphics is the area I am interested the most and which will certainly accompany me in the future.

In case you would like to see more, check out my portfolio with links to my vimeo and linkedin profile or just get in touch with me.
I am more than happy to show further pieces and projects or answer any kind of questions.