Island CQ project at Monostori Fortress, Komárom

By Emilia Kwiatkowska
IslandCQ 2013 took place from 1st till 13th of May  2013, at Monostori Fortress in Komárom, Hungary.  TAMK was represented by 15 people (13 students and 2 teachers) from Media, Fine Arts and Film and Television departments who joined students from Latvia, Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands.

International students gathered at the Fortress's courtyard showing their
founding after the walk around The Monostori Fortress and  Komárom city

During 10 days we took part in lectures and intensive workshops which culminated in a 2-day mini-festival with exhibitions, master-classes, performances and music.

The Monostori Fortress was built between 1850 and 1871 to defend Hungary against Turkish invaders and was used as an enormous ammunition storage facility by the Soviets, after the Second World War. Nowadays a part of it is open for public as a museum. This isolated and historical rich location was the ideal background for this year’s theme ‘Crisis! -RE/Constructing Europe’.
Findings and project coordinator Adri Schokker from
Minerva Academy of Popculture (The Netherlands)

During first two days we could explore area of Fortress and city of Komárom. In that time we were searching for tangible and intangible things which would represent mentioned theme. Students could join the guided tour through mysterious and dark interior of the Fortress  (I have to say that long corridors caused shivers…).
One of the findings - transparent keyboard foil looks like labyrinth

Within the main theme this edition was focus on four fields: earth, culture, society, you. These four fields were approached from the perspectives of art, technology, music, media, and sustainable innovation.
One of the group during the walk next to Dunaj River

This year students could choose 1 long workshop (6 days long) or 2 short workshops (3 days long each one). There were a lot of things going on. All the time you could meet people with various kinds of tools starting from hammers ending on professional cameras, etc. The end results were impressive. We could watch wonderful play about unhappy love, lots of videos, photos, installations.
Building up the installation 'It's Alive!'

During this time we stayed at very nice Wellness Spa Resort WF Szabadidőpark Kft (Eng. WF Leisure Park) situated 6 kilometers away from the Fortress.
Students worked very hard during the workshops - on this
picture student is designing visual effects for an installation

To get to know more details about Island CQ 2013 please visit the page where every workshop, lecture and master class is well described:
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The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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Deserved coffee break
Opening ceremony lead by Project Manager Albert van der Kooij
(director Minerva Academy of Popculture) and
Project coordinator Györgyi Rétfalvi (BKF Budapest)
Students from Minerva Academy of Popculture play at the opening ceremony
on created by them instruments during the workshop 'DIY Instruments'
Scene from the performance of the 'Once upon a time' workshop - Ghost Bridge
Happy ending of 'Ghost Bridge' performance
White cube filled with data created during the 'True Scientists
Hangout (05449)' workshop
Teachers from two universities enjoying the weather
during the opening ceremony: Sohvi from TAMK and
Kristaps from MPLAb Liepaja Latvia
Sometimes was busy!
Serious conversation :D
Adri Schokker from Minerva Academy of Popculture during
his interview to the local television
Inside of the building was an incredible atmosphere
Long corridor at the Fortress...
Is said in Poland "Pole and Hungarian cousins be" while in Hungary
"Pole and Hungarian, two good friends" - I had to find something what
reminds Poland (this photo looks like a Polish flag)