Initiating 5D.5!

By Heidi Mäenpää


The 5th edition of the legendary 5D has started! 

Four teams of four consisting of artists and programmers (plus two awesome sound designers) will be making five games in five weeks, working five days a week and five hours a day (we sure love the number 5!). 

This week is all about getting everybody on board and going through the basics of 3D and 2D graphics, and also see which gaming platforms everybody wants to use in the following weeks. We will divide into the teams at the end of the week, and our aim is to have 20 games ready in July, and in August these will be presented at Assembly. Last year's 5D participant, the Score Lady Minna Eloranta has been organizing the project and made sure we have all the equipment and licences that we need to make brilliant games.

Today we had our first intensive lessons about Unity 3D and Blender. Jussi Salonen was our guru-of-the-day and he showed us basic level design in Unity and modeling&texturing in Blender. Tomorrow we will be continuing with these, and at some point the axes will be thrown at chickens. We'll just have to wait and see how that turns out!

Unity 3D level design/test made from Jussi's models

An axe we all had to model and texture* in Blender
*The axe's texture was made using this concept art piece. 

 Stay tuned for the first patch of games done by our great teams!

The author is a student of the Degree Programme in Media
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