First ever Tampere Vappu experience!

By Joanne NH Wong, student of 12IMP
Photos provided by Riikka Uhmaavara, Joanne NH Wong and Ryoko Sasaki

It was a long awaited spring in Tampere, as days are getting longer and weather is warming up gradually. Being a student coming from a tropical country, Malaysia, I am proud to have survived the cold and dark Finnish winter!
It was such a great feeling, knowing when the calendar is approaching and hits the first day of May! Vappu celebration is here!

On the eve of Vappu (May Day), few of us from 12IMP had gathered together to embrace the celebration of being university students by wearing our cool overalls (haalarit).

My friendly Finnish classmate, Riikka had warmly prepared traditional Vappu food, home made munkki (donut) and sima drink (mead) alongside with palettes of good dishes. The multicultural group of 12 IMP gathered together for a relaxing afternoon, learning more about Finnish culture and immerse ourselves into the very tasty donuts and special drinks of the Spring!

Home made Riikka’s munkki
Student Jungsoo Moon enjoying at Vapputori

Our Vappu eve continues to Vapputori, a market filled with colourful balloons, sweets, toys and festive atmosphere right in the center of Tampere, at Keskustori. We took a stroll and observe the kids with their excited faces, holding toys and balloons in their hands.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, we then attend ‘Vappu Fuck Up’. A grill session organized by TARINA, a TAMK Association of School of Art and Media which focuses on taking care of students’ interests and community building among students of TTVO.

At Näsinpuisto, we continue our relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the grill session with drinks and had a good time. The day went onto night, I got more and more excited when I saw crowds of people on the streets and we ended up in another park watching the amusing scene of how young people celebrate their Vappu eve day.

It is for sure a very memorable day for me, hanging out in my haalari and learn a thing or two about Finnishness from my Finnish classmates!
Bobo, Ryoko and Joel with balloons sellers at Vapputori
Joanne, Bobo and Shanie celebrating vappu in true blue Finnish style!

The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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