We merge and attract: The number of applicants doubled!

This time 459 applicants had Degree Programme in Media as their first choice, last year they were 225. 
The national joint application for international degree programmes of Finnish universities of applied sciences closed on Tuesday.

30 new participants for Media traditional pre-Christmas party will
be selected soon

The merger of two TAMK educations - the interactive media programme run in English and the music production programme run in Finnish - seems to be a success story.

All together there are 712 applicants (412 last year). Out of the 459 applicants who made Media their first choice 238 were ladies and 221 gents.

Finnish applicants are 301 and the 158 international applicants are from 56 countries. Russia gave us 49 applicants, other well represented countries are Estonia, Germany, Nigeria and USA (6 each) and Italy, Latvia and Pakistan (5).

Now the lecturers of the media programme are very busy: they have to assess the 360 pre-tasks that are complete and submitted in time. Last year there were 177 pre-tasks.

The designers of the 90 best pre-tasks will be invited to the entrance exam in Tampere April 9-10, and 30 will be chosen to start their studies in August.