Interested in producing music, events, soundscapes & writing songs?

Yes, now it’s possible to apply for TAMK’s new study path “Music Production”, but be fast and complete your admission February 12th at the latest!!!
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The focus of the Music Production studies will be at: 

  • Music production and music business
  • Sound design (Film, Tv, Games)
  • Live event production and technology
  • Cultural export

So far these areas have been taught in Finnish at TAMK/Virrat Campus (Digital sound and Commercial music) with highly valued results (e.g rate of unemployment has been really low, our students bands have reached serious airplay and success – gold and platinum albums, tours, Eurovision song contest final performance)... Great guys and girls to be proud of in many parts of the music industry.

And now we are evolving things into much more potential environment to Tampere. Evolving means that we are not just moving into another town, but we have planned and rethinked our new curriculum to competitive international level with a twist of  interesting tomorrows scenarios included as well. We are definitely not going to stay just local and studies will contain many parts for global international cooperation and projects.

All in all. Thinking of what kind of possibilities our new curriculum, new partners from industry (such as YLE, Finnish broadcasting company) and other Art, Media and Music programmes (and our international UAS-partners) will provide as of August 2013, the prospects to see impressive success stories made by our students are huge.

We are inviting all the talented music production student candidates to join our team at Tampere and to create new innovations and new earning possibilities with us and our partners. Hope to see you at our entrance exams!

Best regards,
Timo Kivikangas
Head of Degree Programme Media

Curriculum 2013 headlines

International Media Programme Music Production Introduction on Vimeo:

In August 2014 we will move to Mediapolis:

Mediapolis (TAMK.Fi)
Mediapolis (YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting company)