Camp Berlin - Trust the process and Share!

By Emilija Veselova

Just hours ago 16 participants of Camp Berlin shook up the worlds of Finnish broadcasters. 

Television has been in the life of many people for years and still it has not changed in decades. So 16 young people (average age 25) taken to Berlin for a week. Seems quite stupid. None of us had any idea what they are in for.
Campers never knew what is going to happen next.
Marko Kulmala giving the brief for Day 6

There is one word that describes the whole camp - SHARING. With every day I believe in this stronger and stronger. During the 9 days I had worked in 4 different groups, almost every day coming up with new things.
Andres and Hannu sharing a very plausible revenue f
or Backstube idea

Almost every day we were sharing with each other. Only a clash of two, three, sixteen ideas and ways of thinking made everything happen. In all three concepts: TVJ - Prime time, all the time , Touch - Feel. Share. Unite., MINE! - Every one counts - are a sum of the ideas of all of us. Sharng inspired us. Sharing helped us. And sharing shaped us.
Campers working hard

There is no point of holding in your ideas, because no one can steel them. People around you can only enhance them.
Andee presenting concept MINE!

On the train back to Tampere I realized that in these 9 days I have made an impact on how the future of television, I have grown up and most importantly I have gained at least 20 new friends.

Share and you will gain!
Hemppa presenting the TVJ concept
Emilija presenting the Touch concept

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The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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