Global Change: Ice, Art & Nature - the workshop in Oulanka

by Laura Carapeto and Rebecca Peters

16 students and 4 teachers from Tampere University of Applied Science did a workshop called Ice Screen Project in February, 2013. This consisted to develop a project that combines media art, environmental art and science, mixing them with animation, filmmaking and light.

This year the workshop will extend towards scientific aspects with the students from the University of Oulu in the Oulanka Research Center.

This project is divided into three parts: preparing, production and post-production
In the first week, the teachers introduced the students to the topic of this year: Global Change. The students had to think about ideas for possible projects. The last days of the week we went to Lake Pahalampi in Tampere and we learned how to handle and use the chainsaw and how to work with ice. Then we packed all the equipment and tools that we needed in Lapland.

Next week on Sunday 10th the class left from Tampere to Kuusamo, Oulanka Research Station. The first days we had to decide the topics of the projects and organize how to make it. After this we split into two groups. One group worked on the lake, and the other group worked in microscope laboratory taking photos of the bugs with the support of two biology students from Oulu University.

Finally we came up with 7 projects: Heart, Fish, Net, Face, Eye, Lens and Microscope. After that we went to a lake near the research station. First we cleaned the working area and then Vesa and Frank cut the ice blocks for the sculptures.

Every day during the course, Frank taught us astanga yoga and meditation to relax our body and to  prepare us for the hard work. On 16th of February we came back to Tampere. In Tampere we started to sort, select and edit the material (images,video…) for an exhibition and web pages.

The exhibition will be in the TAMK Finlaysson campus, Spede (Finlaysoninkatu, 7
 Tampere) on the 21st of February at 14:00-17:00. 

Vesa Toukomaa, Juha Suonpää, Jouni Hirvonen, TAMK University of Applied Sciences Art, Music and Media; Olav Huizer, The Netherlands, Frank Kappas, Sweden
Riku Paavola Dep. director, senior researcher, Oulanka Research Station

Students from TAMK University of Applied Sciences:
Laura Carapeto, Catalonia, Silvia de Riba, Catalonia, Robbert Groenendijk, The Netherlands, Eline Jacques, Belgium, Martin Kleinberns, Germany, Emilia Ewa Kwiatkowska, Poland, Giedre Lauciute Lithuania, Rebecca Peters, Germany, Marc Pijoan, Catalonia, Giedre Putramentaite, Lithuania, Paulina Sánchez, México, Oona Seppänen, Finland, Jappe Tooten, Belgium, Robert Vörös, Austria, Lubos Rezler, Czech Republic

Oulanka National Park
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