GLOBAL CHANGE – Under a Microscope Lens

by Emilia Kwiatkowska
GLOBAL CHANGE is the theme for Ice Screen Project, workshop which is now arranged for the third time.

Ice Screen Project 2011. Photo: Alexander Lembke

The workshop combines media art, environmental art and science, mixing them with animation, film making and light. The two workshops focused on art and environmental art. This year the workshop will extend towards scientific aspects with the students from University of Lapland and University of Oulu in the Oulanka Research Center in Kuusamo.

The workshop is led by sculptor Vesa Toukomaa and other great artists like for example Olav Huizer from Holland who teaches us about video mapping.

The first week of the workshop is already behind us. During that week we made preparations for a trip to Lapland which will take place between 10.02.-16.02. and will end with exhibition of our works.
We have brainstormed a lot about what we can make out of the ice and what can be projected on its surface. Very important thing which we learned during this week (except video mapping :) were safety rules when working on the ice.
It is 1/50 of the huge amount of equipment which we have to
take to Lapland

Students are trying on warm overalls which are important to
keep warm in cold environment

Vesa and Olav helped us to find the most suitable equipment

Challenging Thursday 07.02. We went on the Pahalampi lake
where we could learn how to work with ice

Beautiful piece of ice from the Pahalampi lake, Tampere

Vesa teaches on of the students how to cut the ice

Safety first!
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The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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