Ice Hockey Triathlon World Championships 2013

The tournament is held in Tampere on Saturday 23th of February 2013. Event is held by two former TAMK media production students, Robert Niva and Mikko Helmanen, who graduated last year from TAMK.

It’s time to find out who are the real champions of ice hockey. Ice Hockey Triathlon is an ice hockey tournament which includes traditional ice hockey, table ice hockey (Stiga) and console ice hockey.

The tournament of 2013 is full, but last year also the audience had really fun watching the Ice Hockey Triathlon matches from the big screen. So come and join us at Koulukatu and Restaurant Mallashovi.

Ice Hockey Triathlon World Championships tournament will be held on 23th of February in Tampere at Koulukatu ice hockey field and in Restaurant Mallashovi. The traditional Ice Hockey will be played at Koulukatu from 11:30 to 14:30. From 14:30 to 18:00 teams can think about their tactics and maintain themselves. Table ice hockey and virtual ice hockey will be played in Restaurant Mallashovi from 18:00-23:00.


Photos and video streams will be posted to Ice Hockey Triathlon World Championships Facebook page during the tournament day.

If you can’t join the event, you can also cheer your favorite team via Facebook. But the real Ice Hockey Triathlon atmosphere you can experience only on the spot.

PICTURES from Ice Hockey Triathlon World Championships 2012:

More info about the event:

Welcome to follow the tournament and cheer your favorite team. Free entrance for audience.
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