There is a Santa!

by Teppo Nieminen

Look at all these games!
Correct use of iPad

Sometimes Christmas arrives a bit late but when it does, it’s all the sweeter!
TTVOs Game club Score got many new equipments, games and accessories from Gaming Santa so that the proud TAMK Game developing could tackle the new year with even more possibilities than the previous one. Some of the new items included:

  • a new XBox 360
  • a brand new iPad and Apple game developer licence
  • new gaming mouses, mouse pads and headphones
  • new coffee maker and water boiler
  • new games like Assassin’s Creed III, Borderlands 2, Dishonored, Rayman Origins, Mario Party 9 and many more!

Come and see by yourself!
Score welcomes all gamers and non-games. Just come to chat and enjoy the coffee if nothing else.

The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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Mouse and mouse pad
Coffee maker and water boiler
ALL the new stuff
Yep, it works