Intensive change of plans!

By Teppo Nieminen

Everything doesn’t always go as planned. On intensive course week on October many students chose Video techniques and expressions and excitingly listened how our lecturer, Mikko Uimonen told us about the meaning and purpose of shots and angles and gave us a task of making a film the following days with a ready script he had made. Our enthusiasm became even greater later that day when we got to see the equipment we’d be working on. We couldn’t wait for the next day!

Then things started to go downhill. Mikko told us he was sick and wouldn’t be teaching us on Tuesday. He, however, encouraged us to start on our videos and said that he would be back the next day. He wasn’t. And not even the day after that. Some people found interest to make something out of the materials and equipment but most of to applied people dropped out from the course and it was officially cancelled. Or was it?

Couple of weeks later Mikko contacted the few still wanting to participate and asked if we wanted to have couple of evening lectures and then make a video and report to get the credits. So we did. We had four evening lessons in which we learned about the camera and the handling of it, the video styles, audio and lighting. Then we got the instructions to do two films, one more difficult and scripted than the other one.

You need a lot of stuff for filming

The second (the bigger and scripted) film of our group, including the author, Yonathan Wolowelsky, Joanne Wong and Jungsoo Moon, was shot on the last weekend of November. Before that we had serious discussions about the script, storyboard, actors, roles and scenes we would make and in which order. Going to the weekend, everything was looking great. I mean, how hard it could be?

A Serious conversation. Really!

Very. From start we had problems with props and lighting, things that would continue to annoy us trough whole of the weekend. There was arguing and there was some disagreements but we overcame our disagreements and filmed it on two long days. In total it took us 16 and half hours to shoot footage for 4 minute film.

Welcome to the film world, I guess.

For the film:

For the production diary:

The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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