Checking out the Game Industry in Germany!

It’s almost 4 months ago I left Finland to see what the games industry in Germany has to offer. This meaning I’m currently doing a part of my practical training aka internship at one of the world’s biggest social game developing companies, Wooga. Right now I’m also working on my thesis and got my original plan of 3 months extended to 8 in total. I’m not the first Finnish student here, not even the first TTVO student. I’ve also met some guys from Kajak, which is really cool.

All in all Berlin is a really nice and international city. Knowing German helps a lot but you can get things done with English as well.

Big things happen at Wooga! Releasing a game is worth of setting up
 a huge banner on the side or the office building!
At Wooga the language is English. There are a lot of people from outside Germany so it is kind of natural that everyone should speak the same language. In the game industry English seems to be the main language anyway. I think that is great; it makes it easier for people to move from a country to another!

Wooga is not like any other company I’ve seen so far. They have quite an awesome spirit here and I really like it. It is serious business in developing games but the people have still good humor, are friendly and enthusiastic about games.
Strange stuff happens at Wooga. Especially on Halloween!

If you have a chance to go abroad to work, maybe an internship or something else, I highly recommend it. The experience you get is valuable both on your CV and in your life.  

Be active. That takes you far!

Story by: Emma Kiiski
Emma Kiiski is a member of Score Game Development Community, also a student of our Media Programme.
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