Demola fall 2012 final pitch!

Text/Photo by Erika and Rosanna

Demola Academy fall 2012 Final pitching event was held on Thursday  17th of January. All Demola Academy teams proudly presented their final pitches. It was quite amusing seeing what other teams have done during these 4 months.

Each team had 5 minutes to present their works. It was quite a tight time limit to tell/show people the result of our hard work, but we all made it on time. After all teams presented their stuff, we gathered in Demola to see which teams are finalists. There was another pitching session for finalists later right before the gala starts. It was a great chance for people who missed their precious presentation.

After finalists’ presentation, finally, Demola graduation party began! Some IMPs game project teams were there presenting their games so we can see and try their game. I must say, they all were really well made already. Can’t wait to see the final result!

While we were busy partying, networking, juries decided a winner. The winner was- YLE ‘Capturing motion’ team. Congrats! and good job you all. Peace.
The authors are students of our Degree Programme in Media
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