See the lovely Toy Town Tampere by Chris Hales

Chris Hales - the Interactive Film Doctor and our frequent visiting professor - gave last week a workshop on Visual Styles to our students where the student made movies illustrating metamorphosis. While the students worked with their films Chris decided to show what he can do and made this lovely film "Toy Town Tampere" We actually live in a wonderful city, don't we?

This is a screen shot, please find the film at the end of story

Chris' work adds to the series of brilliant creations promoting Tampere made by TAMK Art&Media guests and students.

24 hours in Tampere, the video installation created by Richard Vickers and James Fields & our students  has been screen and awarded at many festivals. The work now features other cities as well.

Our exchange students Dan Castro & Nick Rowley won the "My Tampere Award" in 2008 with their animation Tampere - A Truly British Guide. Franziska Emhardt & Kathrin Muessigmann (also exchange students) won a honorary mention in the same competition with their piece Our Tampere.

Some weeks ago seven Tampere region promotional movies by our Film&Television students were published:
Here are four of them and their series of the now famous swearing man from Tampere films (Stop the nonsense 1-3) are here.

Enough history, time to see Chris Hales' Tampere style: