Ars Viikinsaari 2012 - Art meets nature

Environmental Art at Viikinsaari island outside Tampere
July 4 - August 8 2012
Viikinsaari is a beautiful island 20 minutes from Laukontori market square
Boats on every hour

The traditional Environmental Art exhibition by TAMK fine art students opened yesterday. There are seven installations, paintings and other art works to admire.

The works are (click on the map to generate a bigger map)

1. Verna Tervaharju: About love, ships and the unpredictability of the sea I, II and III
2. Anne Alalantela: The eternal summer gallery
3. Emma Keiu: The happiest of days
4. Sini Sofai Kujala: The wooden eyes
5. Annette Hanse: Some drops
6. Tiina Lehikoinen: The return of Tarzan
7. Veli-Pekka Suorsa: We were there somewhere
About Viikinsaari Island
Ars Viikinsaari (in Finnish)