The chance is still yours - European Youth Award deadline extended!

The chance is still yours - EYA have extended the deadline!
The EYA has prolonged the period for submitting the entries until July 31st!

TAMK is one of the EYA academic partners.

Please find our previous post on the subject below:
European Youth Creates Future using Internet, Mobiles and Social Networks for a live-able future!

Young people around the globe and in Europe use new media to inform about diseases, fight hunger and poverty and promote gender equality and contribute to development and social change.

European Youth Award (EYA) open until July 31
For European youth under 30
Categories: Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease! | Education for All! | Power 2 Women! | Create your Culture! | Go Green! | Pursue Truth!

If you have a project fitting in one of the categories above go to the EYA web site and register before deadline. You and your team mates might be among the young talents invited to the European Youth Award Festival in Graz November 22-24. And that is not all - EYA registration is also a World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) submission, so you could also get the ticket to WSYA Winners Events in Montreal, Canada, October 22-24.

Important Information about EYA:
EYA is a Partner Award of the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA).
EYA is open to young people under 30 (born after 1.01. 1982) coming from the European Union as well as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey. WSYA is open for people from any of the UN member states.
The registration process for the EYA and WSYA is common, you only need to register your project once!

Not from those countries? No worries, go to World Summit Youth Award:

The projects, products, or applications must be fully functional and operational at the time of submission and must be accessible via the Internet whether it is designed for fixed line, broadband or mobile use.
The submitted product or application must be completed after January 1, 2011.

Read more about registration and rules
Remember deadline: July 31 2012!

World Summit Youth Award trailer: