Media Students at Wooga

Story: Emma Kiiski

Some time ago a few lucky students had a great chance to work for one of the biggest social game developers in the world, Wooga. After the projects were done, the three groups got to visit Wooga office in Berlin!
At Wooga's lobby.

The whole idea of the cooperation between Wooga, Demola and students was great. Wooga would get potential new game prototypes and possibly employees. Demola would get more game projects and active students attracted in their premises to work. And in my opinion, the students got the most out of it. We had great projects, first of all. That means work experience, a good-looking line on your CV and also getting to know new people. Also some of us are quite possibly going to work at Wooga soon.

They have a cool balcony at Wooga!

One of the biggest plus points in the whole trip was that we all had a chance to pitch our projects at Wooga. Everyone had their time to shine in front of the right people. All three groups explained what they had done during the three months trainee period. This was the right moment to show your skills and promote yourself to Wooga! Even their CEO was watching the presentations!
Gem Dropper team pitching the game prototype.

The people at Wooga also thought it would be nice for us to see the city of Berlin. The trip included a lot of free time! They also showed us some real nice places like the Videogame Museum and some restaurants.

Waiting for some action at the hostel.
After this experience, I can gladly recommend to apply to Wooga. They have a really nice office there! (They are hiring at the moment! Also don’t forget Demola that managed this great experience for us in the first place! Keep an eye on their projects, new stuff coming up in the autumn!
Thanks everyone! :)