Do first year studies go together with Demola Academy?

Story: Daria Adamitskaya
Fall 2011 was the first time when first year students were allowed to participate in Demola innovative projects. There were several 11IMPs who applied for projects and were accepted to teams.

IMPs getting together with Demola people

So how did first year busy students were able to manage both with studies and working on the project? Students were involved into game projects, management, video production projects. Of course they had to learn a lot in their extra time because the main point of participating in projects is to get knowledge, skills and real experience, including experience of working in team which nowadays is very valuable to mention when you go for a job interview or use it for your own startup.

Finding out that we are in some of us felt self-unconfident and scared to take responsibility and not be able to finalize successfully. But you shouldn’t be afraid because you will be working with people who have different backgrounds, all the teams are international. So you will also have fun with intercultural exchange.

Whenever you face some problems or need some equipment, Demola facilitators are always there to help you. You will go through different workshops like giving presentations to your customers and sponsors, working in team and more technical training. You also get familiar with the latest technologies.
Some workshop event

Every end of semester it is a graduation period when the teams finish their projects and take part in competition with an attractive prize pitching their projects to the audience and clients. And our first year students Emilia Veselova and Alicia Fernandez proved that grade levels don’t matter when won at least one pitching.
Final pitching experience of the first project was thrilling but super valuable!
(Daria on right)

So be brave! Demola is not only getting new experience, knowledge and extra study points, it is also cosy coaches, seas of coffee, parties and hundreds of new open-minded friends!

Thanks to Ville Topias Ilkkala for photos.

The author is student of Degree Programme in Media
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