Meet Liisa Hietanen's thesis work Sirpa in Helsinki

Picture of a room
6.7-29.7. 2012
Gallery Sinne
Iso Roobertinkatu 16, Helsinki
Opening hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm
Monday closed

One of Liisa'a crotchet sculptures, "Sirpa", pictured
at the Final Thesis Exchibition Ero in May

We saw Liisa Hietanen's final thesis work at TAMK Fine Art graduation show in May this year. Now her crocheted sculptures are exhibited at Sinne Gallery, Design District Helsinki, centre of the city.

Liisa Hietanen about her exhibition:
"In my works I tend to seek a dialogue with the surrounding space. A three-dimensional piece will of course always occupy the room it is placed in. Beyond this spatial feature I otherwise attempt to deal with the space and the object. I want to point out the apparent obviousness of our surroundings and in that way question conventional ways of looking and observing. By dealing with elements of a room or by creating a gesture in the form of a sculpture I impact the experiencing of the space.

My sculpting method is crocheting. It is a straightforward and declarative way of dealing with the world. The works get their essence through slowness, laboriousness, softness and continuance. All the foregoing are a form of presence - of the work, time, material, myself and the viewers simultaneously."