Wolf Carver: Distribution company and Cannes!

Main characters on Aino Suni's Sudenveistäjä,
Jaana Joensuu as daughter and Kai Lehtinen as Sulo

Text by Ilona Tolmunen.

Being in Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival was a success for a short film Sudenveistäjä, (Wolf Carver)!

Producer Ilona Tolmunen met in Clermont people from Distribution Company AD ASTRA FILMS, and they were very interested to take Wolf Carver to their catalog. The company is working from Cannes, France. After paperwork now we are co-operating with them. Their job is to distribute Wolf Carver to other film festivals and TV-channels in Europe and all over the world.
And because of co-operating with AD ASTRA FILMS, Wolf Carver will be seen at Cannes Film Festival 2012! AD ASTRA FILMS has their own screening at 17th May about their new films. It is a great opportunity to get more and more viewers to Wolf Carver. At least producer Ilona and director Aino Suni will be visit to Cannes.
Wolf Carver has been selected many other festivals also. See below our festival calendar. Looking forward Wolf Carvers future

Sudenveistäjä / Wolf Carver in the net.

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