IGDA Meeting in the Wild West

The Wild West - to be taken seriously.
Last week on an icy Tuesday afternoon, a few brave TAMK students journeyed to Helsinki in order to meet the Finnish Game Industry.
IGDA (International Game Developers Association) is an organisation of mainly people working for game companies which has monthly meetings, usually taking place in the Cuba bar in Helsinki. This time was especially interesting, since the whole event was a Wild-West-themed, due to a release party of Digital Chocolates’ new game “Gangs of Boomtown”.

Being sure to add to the atmosphere, many people went with the Wild West dresscode. On top of that, there was even a country band playing in the later evening!

Who has the biggest hat?
Besides networking and drinking with employed people, the evening included a short presentation about the game it was themed after. It’s a social game for Google Plus - it will be interesting to see where this market will go.

IGDA meetings are a valuable opportunity for students interested in games to socialize with professionals. Talking and drinking with those can give very interesting insights into how the game industry actually looks like, and a glimpse at what one might get oneself into.

IGDA - Network with the game industry!

Score club usually organizes a car from the school for a trip to the IGDA meeting. Students interested in Score can join and come with us!