TTVO students explain what Demola is (Video)

Story: Emilija Veselova
About a month ago the new projects at Demola started and probably many of new participants are facing a problem of explaining what is Demola.

Benedikt, Lena and Ilkka preparing for the interview with Petri Räsänen, co-founder of Demola

During last Demola Academy semester in the fall project “New Factory - How Did the Story Go?” took place. A team of 6 people all from TAMK and 5 of them studying at TTVO started their journey on creating a video about Demola, its history and its purpose.

The project is completed and evaluated and now it is your turn to see the video and understand more about Demola.

Emilija Veselova
Benedikt Ruf
Ilkka Sallinen
Lauri Kuusela
Lena Strutz
Vesa Rantanen

Emilija is student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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