Ice Screen Project 2012 opening @ Finlayson

 ISP 2012 :: Teaser Trailer from hermaxx on Vimeo.

It seems that in our fast-changing, crowded with new technologies world, everything is so common that there is nothing to amaze us. But the idea of a unique project organized by TAMK is a challenge. During one week of cutting and lifting ice blocks from a frozen lake in Lapland and assembling them to huge-sized custom-shaped ice screens which are being projected on, students are given the opportunity not only to work with ice in terms of large-scale sculpturing but also to explore new ways and possibilities

of interactive visual installments.
Project is an opportunity for creative students to implement their visual creations on the prepared ice blocks. The format of those creations can differ from a picture on an ice block to the interactive video installation.
Ice screen project – is a unique opportunity to expand the perception of ice by adding innovations. It transforms nature to a space where people are involved into visual world and touch the sense of new experience.
With the help of newest media devices we present the Ice screen project exhibition 2012.
We invite You to the exhibition opening at
Spede (2nd floor), TAMK Finlayson campus
on Thursday 4p.m