DobleClick web site and programme launched

The third edition of the DobleClick Festival will be March 27-29 at Vic University, Barcelona. You can find the web site at:

Alexandra Ostasheva will present her "Open Light" project at DobleClick

A TAMK Media and Film&television student team led by Senior Lecturer Sohvi Sirkesalo will participate in the festival on site, students will also contribute to the film competition of the festival.

The festival is a good example of the 21st century student centered education: The workshops will be prepared and run by students. Here are the workshops held by our students at the festival:

How can you make an absurd idea come to life?
17 months and over 100 people working for a 13 minutes film. How do you manage as a producer to keep everything under control when almost everything is falling apart?
Workshop by Mikko Helmanen.

How to survive your 1st commercial?
A discussion about the importance of teamwork and storyboard; about how to communicate with a problematic client and to organize your work in phases, in order to create a good animation.
Workshop by Sabrina Seidl and Alexandra Ostasheva

Create and execute a project with tv channel
Presentation of customer project to a Finnish TV channel. We will present 3 different points of view: directors, editors and producers.
Workshop by Joanna Mäkelä, Tommi Jokinen and Joel Kinnunen.

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