Greenfield memories at Kino TAMK, Tampere Film Festival 8.3.

Liisu Mikkonen as Josefina in Greenfield memories.
Text: Henna Seppälä, photo: Eero Alava.
Short film Greenfield memories will be screened at the Tampere Film Festival on the Kino TAMK screening 8.3. Greenfield memories was shot at autumn 2011 in different locations of Ostrobothnia. The main character is played by Liisu Mikkonen. Andy Ståhle plays her brother.

Film is about citygirl Josefina who must face her past when she returns back to her roots to sell her father's old movie theather. The forgotten countryside will show its true character to Josefina and awakes the long gone memories.

Director: Henna Seppälä
Script: Henna Seppälä
Cinematography: Hanna Maria Mäkelä
Sound: Philippe La Grassa
Editing: Martina Kuitto
Music: Michael Law
Production: TAMK/ Ulla Koikkalainen, Henna Seppälä ja Martina Kuitto

Kino TAMK on Thursday, 8th of March at 16.00 in Hällä -

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