Would You Be [with me] - first year art students exhibition

First year art students ask Would You Be [with me].
Come and meet our work.
The first year fine art students at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences present themselves with the exhibition Would You Be. Come and and meet the future artists. Each piece is an individual work of art, created from different perspectives of individual students. The group exhibition offers appetisers of the future artists’s practise.
Would You Be is located at the Finlayson campus, at Ikuinen Galleria and Pesurumpu by the main entrance. The opening will be held at Ikuinen Galleria on thursday 8.3. at 4 pm. 


Liisa Ahola, Anna Björklund, Seela Dahlman, Ida Sofia Fleming, Anna Haajasalmi, Annette Hanse, Eve Heino, Anne Järvi, Jenni Karhapää, Emma Keiu, Niina Kiiveri, Mirja Kurri, Laura Kuusa, Sony Kåhre, Juha-Pekka Köykkä, Tiina Lehikoinen, Mauno Leppänen, Eliina Metsäsalo, Anu Mustonen, Anna Pekkala, Mia Rantavaara, Ankku Ronkanen, Emmi Saavalainen, Veera Salmio, Marika Shemeikka, Sanna Veteläinen

Ikuinen Galleria
Mon-Fri 12-16
Finlaysoninkuja 3

Mon-Fri 9-18
Finlaysoninkuja 7

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Ikuinen gallery is a contemporary art project space located in the old factory complex Finlayson in central Tampere. The gallery is run by a board of fine art students in Tampere UAS School of Art and Media as part of their study program. Ikuinen gallery’s main focus is in presenting interesting and high quality student work, whereas work from other art school students and teachers as well as visiting artists are regularly also at show.

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