Media Programme - increasing popularity

The national joint application for international degree programmes of Finnish universities of  applied sciences closed last week. The number of first choice applicants for our Media programme was 18% higher than last year.

One of the highlight of new studets' orientation week in August is the Mölkky
Challenge. Here's the group who started last year

All together 'Degree Programme in Media' got 413 applicants, 225 of them had Media Programme as their first choice (last year 195) and 177 (143) applicants sent the pre-task by the deadline. The pre-tasks are now being assessed and the creators of the 60 best pre-tasks will be invited to the entrace exam April 17-18. Twentyfour applicants will be admitted and they will start their four year studies on August 16th.

Most international first choice applicants: Italy 5, Latvia 6, Nepal 7, Nigeria 5, Pakistan 6, Czech Republic 4, Russia 20, Estonia 7, USA 4. Of first choice applicant ladies 134, gents 91.

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