IMPs to Berlin via Demola and Wooga!

Artmedia blog spotted on Twitter the note:
@heidi_maenpaa Got into Wooga Training Program at #Demola with @DhTier, hope we see @silliet on our visit to Berlin! Whoop! #tamkmedia
...and made the following interview on Facebook:

Question 1: What is Wooga?
Emma Kiiski (@DhTier):
Wooga is the world's third largest social game company, based in Berlin. Their main focus are Facebook and iOS games that attract all kinds of people, not just the usual gamers.

Heidi Mäenpää (@heidi_maenpaa):
-Wooga is Demola's newest, and the first, training program provider. They are Europe's largest social games developer and their offices reside in Berlin.

Emma at Demola

Q2: What is Demola?
Demola is a place where students can make projects with real customers. The purpose is to make the gap between students and employers smaller so that students gain experience (+ some money if they make the projects really awesome!) and the companies know who to ask to work with them again. Demola is the perfect learning and working environment for an innovative student.
Demola is probaly the best thing Tampere has (in addition to our Media program)! It's a facility that offers students and its alumnis a chance to work with big companies with ease and get great working experience. Usually they offer only projects, but now they also have the Wooga Training Program. We'll see how that works out!
Heidi in Wien during our field trip in November

Q3: Is Demola in Berlin, or why do you travel there?
Demola is in the middle of Tampere. Wooga, on the other hand, is based in Berlin. We will be able to visit the office in Berlin after creating awesome games!
Luckily Demola is not in Berlin! We'll travel there to visit the Wooga office once our games have been created. We'll pitch the results to the company's "big people" and have a little party afterwards.

Q4: What is tamkmedia?
For me, Tamkmedia means mainly the community of media-oriented students in TAMK. But it is also a great blog full of cool students' stories!
Tamkmedia is code language of blue birds (not to be confused with the angry ones). As far as I know, it basically means collectively everything involving the greatest Bachelor's Degree programme in the world: Media.

Q5: If it is good, how can one join it?
Hm. I guess you should have something to do with TAMK. So better apply!
Indeed! The Media program still accepts applications... But one should hurry, application ends on Tuesday!

More info:
@Silliet is aTAMK Media student Eevi Korhonen preparing her final thesis and working at Wooga in Berlin. Check Wooga
Heidi and Emma are students of our international Degree Programme in Media
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