Sleeping Patterns at Kino TAMK, Tampere Film Festival 8.3.

Sleeping Patterns is a short dance film which will be screened at the Tampere Film Festival on the Kino-TAMK screening. The film is a part of the thesis of director Hanna Lappalainen. It was filmed in August 2011 in Kangasala and premiered in November. 

Sleeping Patterns is a film about housework, boredom and supporting one another. Through dance it tells a story of a relationship and the difficulty of staying awake while encountering the other person.

Sleeping Patterns 
Director: Hanna Lappalainen 
Script: Hanna Lappalainen
Cinematography: Jenni Kaunisto
Sound: Juuso Oksala
Editing: Jenny Priiki
Music: Katri Antikainen
Production: Pikku Suomi/Sanna Kantola, TAMK/Julia Elomäki

Kino TAMK at TFF on Thursday, 8th of March at 16 in Hällä. Have a look to all film here!
Tampere Film Festival 7.-11.3.