Animation Workshop

Story: Johanna Lievemaa
This week our animation lecturer Tuomo Joronen took TTVO a little bit back in time to when the art and communication students used to have more classes together. We do get to combine our different skills in projects but don’t sit in the same classroom so often. Now, hopefully starting a new trend, a group of animation enthusiasts from all Degree Programmes gathered together for a TV Paint Workshop led by talented Joonas Utti from Anima Boutique. He's of course a former TTVO student.

Alvarez by Johanna
In two days we learned the basic use of the software. TV Paint is a bitmap based animation and storyboarding software, mimicking traditional animating on paper. It is developed by a small and friendly company in France. The painting tools are pretty good and you can make a whole project in TV Paint if you want, or you can export it to After Effects or other software to finish your movie. Joonas Utti uses TVP in his daily work and knows how to teach its secrets.

See Alvarez animation here
We soon realized how little we could do in just two days. I was making an animated flower for a documentary, and although the project was cancelled, I want to finish my animation. Maybe I should be an animator when I grow up, because I think drawing painstakingly frame by frame is actually fun! Even though it is a lot of work. Here are 85 frames of flower sketches stretched out to 170 frames, and it’s still less than 6 seconds of animation.
Owlie by Emma

The cute little owl animation is made by Emma Kiiski.
See the animation here

anima Boutique

Johanna is student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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