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The city tour map

Story and photos: Tia Tuovinen
It’s Saturday, -8 degrees and bunch of foreigners are out on town throwing a mobile phone, skiing as a group and doing other not your typical weekend activities like wife carrying. Only in Finland, one might say.

Last Saturday our exchange students got to get to know each other and their new hometown a bit better on Clint’s City tour. Our Finlayson campus was the location of one of the checkpoints, so all the main campus students also got to see our urban premises – or at least the front hall.

Tutor Amir Abdi is surveilling the students’ performance

Our checkpoint was the only one indoors, which suited both the students and the checkpoint tutors. The task was called “The orange of love”. Students were supposed to pass an orange from neck to neck with their hands behind their backs. The maximum points for the task was 10, but all of the teams boosted up their total score by bribing the tutors in many ways.

The exchange students were also introduced to some of our national delicacies such as mämmi, musta makkara and salmiakki. The winning team was announced at the after party in Volume, where they received their prize. 
Close contact with the orange
The author is student of Degree Programme in Media and international tutor
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Clint, Club International Tampere and is a sub-organization of Tamko (Student Union of Tampere University of Applied Scienses).

The main mission of Clint is to enhance the co-operation between Finnish students and exchange students who come to study in Tampere University of Applied Scienses, and that way facilitate their adaptation to Finnish culture. Clint is operated by its board members and many active international tutors.