Aina Roca from Uni Vic, Barcelona, was here

Aina and Felipe visited a painting class

Yesterday Aina Roca from the University of Vic visited our campus with Felipe Ludeña Vaquerizo, trainee at TAMK International Services.

Aina Roca's visit is a part of the active staff exchange between our universities. Aina works with international and educational projects, so she wishes to get familiar with all TAMK international degree programmes during her two week stay here.

Yesterday she visited our International Media Programme. It was a pleasure to host Aina and to introduce her to Outi Söderholm and Carolina Pajula who will visit Vic university and their DobleClick festival end of March. We made a walk trough all our studios and workshops, also climbed to our tower, and Anna seemed to like everything.
Posing with the poster of first year Media Students

Next visitor from Vic will be Arnau Gifreu, who will lecture about Social Media and Interactive Multimedia Documentary to our International Media Programme students in February.

Six students will travel to Vic with Outi and Carolina, so our exchange is really active.

Cai Melakoski
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